MRO: Components including avionics

Precision results

United Technical Operations' components and avionics shops can provide service for more than 6,500 discrete units, in major product lines such as engines accessories, avionics components and composites. With our broad range of capabilities and inventory, global infrastructure, and our years of experience, United Technical Operations stands ready to provide customers with some of the most comprehensive MRO services in the industry.

We offer:

  • Avionics and components shops, where most of our technicians have been on the job 15 years or longer
  • More than 30 state-of-the-art Automated Testing Equipment (ATE) stations to assess the performance of parts against federal standards of airworthiness

Avionics, including:

  • More than 2,300 line items with full in-house repair capabilities (detail capabilities list by part number available upon request)
  • Radios
  • Instruments
  • Automatic test equipment stations
  • Electronics

Engine components and QEC repair supporting:

  • PW4077/PW4090
  • PW4056/PW4060
  • PW2000

Calibration capabilities (primary and secondary standards):

  • Schwien 100/110 inch High Precision Mercury Manometers
  • Ruska 2485 Hydraulic Piston Gauge
  • Fluke 734A DC Voltage Standard (Certified by Fluke DVMP)
  • Fluke 5440B Direct Voltage Calibrator
  • Calibration Software
  • Fluke MetCal
  • SureCAL
  • Multi Calibrators
  • Fluke 5720A
  • Fluke 5725
  • Fluke 5500
  • Datron 4705
  • Datron 4808
  • Standard Precision Resistors
  • Leeds and Northrup Oil Bath Resistors
  • Fluke 742A
  • Standard Precision Capacitors
  • ESI Standard Capacitor SC1000
  • Standard Precision Inductors
  • General Radio Standard Inductor 1482
  • Flow Standards
  • Sierra Instruments Gas Flow Calibrator
  • Cox Sonic Nozzles

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Fleets supported


  • A319
  • A320


  • B747
  • B757
  • B767
  • B777